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Frequency, Buy the CHEAPEST Blu-Ray movies here.

January 5, 2011

Frequency (Blu-ray)

Frequency (Blu-ray)

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In this fantasy thriller, a man is given an unusual
opportunity to change the past and alter his future.
A man whose father died 30 years ago when he was
just a boy, makes a startling discovery when working
with his ham radio one night: he can speak with his
late father over the radio. Having inadvertently
found a way to reach into the past, the man
desperately struggles to warn his father of the
dangers that will come his way, in hopes of changing
his tragic fate.

Customer Reviews

Frequency: Incredible! This movie has it all.5

I first saw Frequency the day it was released in theatres, after I saw a preview that got me extremely interested in the movie. I didn’t know quite what to expect, but what I found was well written movie, with excellent acting performances and a very gripping storyline, a truly enjoyable moviegoing experience. The story focuses on a cop named John Sullivan (played brilliantly by James Caviezel in a breakthrough big screen performance) who lives in Queens, NY in early October 1999, which happens to be the date of an appearance of a phenomenon that allows John to communicate with his father Frank (with a very solid and emotional performance from Dennis Quaid), on the same radio, in the same house. The interesing part is that John talks to Frank thirty years earlier, merely days before Frank, a firefighter, dies herocially trying to rescue a person trapped in a blazing fire. Frank and John end up making catastrophic changes in the timeline, which leads to the brutal murder of John’s mother(in an excellent performance from Elizabeth Mitchell) only days later in 1969. The movie is really a combination of several different elements. First of all it focuses on a father-son relationship between Frank and John. The interaction between Caviezel and Quaid is superb, and leads to some of the films most emotionally moving moments. The emotion is skillfully achieved, as Caviezel and Quaid don’t act face-to-face, but across a HAM radio. The interplay between the two time periods really adds to the movie without overshadowing the its story. Frequency also combines elements of suspense, action, mystery, and tense drama. Frequency covers all of the bases, and does so very skillfully. This brings us to the DVD disc itself, which comes from New Line Home Video, who completely loaded the disc with a huge amount of special features, including many interesting DVD-ROM features that can be accessed by any PC with a DVD-ROM drive and PC Friendly installed. If you don’t have PC Friendly on your computer, the DVD will install it for you if you so choose. The disc also has deleted scenes, as well as several feature legnth commentaries(by the director, producer, and actor Noah Emmerich who plays the adult Gordo, John’s best friend). The disc also includes an interesting original documentary, as well as a trailer and animation galleries. If you are are willing to let your mind go a little bit to accept the science of the storyline, it actually becomes a fascinating part of the movie. This movie would definitely be a worthy addition to any DVD collection. Frequency also offers an extremely exciting and rewarding finale that will not disappoint anyone who watches it. The bottom line is this: Frequency is a wonderful movie, with incredibly strong emotional performances from the entire cast, very moving dramatic moments, as well as tense, gripping action sequences, and a rousing finale. Frequency is definitely one to remember. This movie truly has it all!

It’s A Keeper!!5

This review refers to the New Line Plarinum Series DVD edition of “Frequency”…

I consider a good thriller, one that not only keeps me on the edge of my seat after the first viewing, but one that keeps me there with every viewing. “Frequency” is one of those, that no matter how often I watch it, it takes it’s hold on me from the first frame and won’t let go until the last. It’s more then just a thriller though. It’s some fabulous Sci-Fi entertainment with great special effects, it’s the poignant story of a special bond between father and son, and there’s lots of heart pounding action sequences as well. Add to that one fabulous cast including Dennis Quaid, Jim Caviezel and Andre Braugher, a fresh take on time travel, and you are in for 2 hours of some fine entertainment.

A Police Officer John Sullivan(Caviezel), by a miracle of nature, is able to contact his father, Frank(Quaid), on an old ham radio. The miracle?…The Northern Lights make a rare appearance in New York. What’s truly amazing is that his father died thirty years earlier fighting a fire. He is able to change the course of history, by forewarning his father about the tragedy to come. But by changing the course of history, John and Frank may have unleashed an evil chain of events yet to come. They most work together, with the time they have to stop a serial killer.

The DVD is a great buy. The transfer is gorgeuos. A wonderful widescreen presentation that takes in all the action and special effects in brillant colors. It made be viewed with DD5.1 Surround, which brings it all right into your living room, and it also has an option for DD2.0. A ton of features include deleted scenes, a documentary, “The Science and Technology Behind Frequency”, Commentary, you can isolate the score, and much more(see buying info for complete list of extras). There are subtitles in English, and the snap case unfolds to some production notes and a few scenes from the film. You really get more bang for your buck with this great package.

It’s a film that will have your heart racing one moment and the next will evoke a lump in your throat at the touching moments. It’s got something for everyone. It’s rated PG-13, but parents may want to view it before hand, as some of the scenes are quite violent.

It’s A Definate Keeper!….Get the popcorn ready and enjoy…Laurie

also recommended:(see my reviews for details)

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One False Move

First rate science fiction thriller5

This highly imaginative science fiction thriller is an entertaining mind bender of a film. Toby Emmerich’s story takes a fresh approach to the time travel angle. Rather than having people traveling through time, Emmerich has them communicating through time using a Ham Radio that has been augmented by an Aurora Borealis. Ok, there aren’t many Aurora Borealis events as far south as New York City, but there isn’t any trans-time communication noted in the scientific literature either, so we need to allow the story a little latitude.

After we accept the premise, this ingenious plot incorporates many different elements to entice the viewer. There is the human angle of a son speaking to his dead father, the many twists resulting from altering the ribbon of time, and the solving of a thirty-year-old serial murder case. The various elements are combined effectively by director Gregory Hoblit (Primal Fear, Fallen) to produce a fast paced action thriller with sufficient character development to bind us emotionally to the characters. The fascinating thing about the detective story is that the facts of the crime keep changing in unexpected ways each time John (James Caviezel) imparts something to his father (Dennis Quaid) that causes him to change history. In addition, the action sequences are well done and the visual effects, especially the digitized Aurora are nicely rendered. The aging makeup is also realistic.

The acting was excellent as well, though the New York accents were pretty bad. Dennis Quaid alternated between the goofy and endearing dad and the action hero, and managed to keep it from seeming incongruous. This was a breakout performance by James Caviezel, who heretofore has been confined to minor roles. His was a very emotional and tense role and he handled it extremely well. I was also impressed with Elizabeth Mitchell who gave a vivacious performance as John’s mother.

I enjoy a good intelligent science fiction thriller. Lately, science fiction has been subsumed into the horror category, since you seldom see a science fiction story that isn’t an excuse to hack up some cast members. This film was more in the tradition of Twilight Zone, relying more on an inventive story than grisly effects to capture the audience. That’s why I rated this film a 9/10. With luck, this will inspire a return to more creative science fiction.

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