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Toy Story Trilogy, Buy the CHEAPEST Blu-Ray movies here.

November 8, 2010

Toy Story Trilogy (10-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)


Toy Story Trilogy (10-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)

Product By Walt Disney Video
Lowest Price : $64.99
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Technical Details

  • Publisher: BUENA VISTA HOME VIDEO / Genre: FAMILY / Theme: ANIMATED / Rating: G
  • Product Type: VIDEO /
  • Platform: BLU-RAY DISC

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Customer Reviews

“Awesome trilogy, poor packaging.” 2010-11-08
By Matthew Keefe (Boston, MA USA)
The Toy Story trilogy is amazing, as most would suspect. However the 3-star rating given to this product is NOT because of the movies, it is for the sub-par packaging they come in. For such a lucrative franchise I expected much more. The “toy box” design is certainly cool, keeping with the theme of Toy Story, but the disks sit inside a styrofoam container with little room to grab each disk. The flimsy quality of the actual toy box could be an issue in the making as I am not certain it will last that long. I wouldn’t recommend leaving this for little ones to play with or use, in stead take out the disks and place them in slim jewel cases or possibly buy the 3-disk trilogy instead.

“As an owner of previous Toy Story Ultimate Toy Box set …” 2010-11-07
By RobKell (Los Angeles, CA)
I must say that I am disappointed at Disney for releasing a product in this manner. Here is a breakdown of the rating:

Movie – *****

Packaging – *

There are two primary groups this set appeals to, in my opinion:

Collectors …

… but this is extremely impractical from the storage standpoint. The packaging takes approximately 4 times the storage space of 3 combo packs of this movie on a library shelf. The missing bonus materials content from The Ultimate Toy Box DVD set makes it even more difficult to justify the amount of space it takes up.

Parents …

… that want all three movies playable on DVD, Bluray, or Digital Format. Since there are no real content frills added to the normal combo pack set of discs, the scenario that some parents prefer to have “one packaging” for all three movies instead of three separate media packs for frequent playback should be considered. On that end, the cheap cardboard packaging will not suffice. It not only will fall apart over a short period of time, but the way the discs are inserted lends themselves to be easily smudged and scratched by the young.

Content of the Set – ***

The content of the set did not include the previous Toy Story Ultimate Box Set DVD features, which is extremely disappoint given that I intended to replace the DVD box set with this but now I have to reconsider. You can find out what is missing by reading the reviews on that set. If it wasn’t for the inclusion of the 2 digital copies of the first two Toy Stories, I would have rated it 2 stars.


Buy it if you do not have kids handling the discs themselves and you do not already own The Ultimate Box Set from the previous release and don’t care about the extra materials.

For those that have The Ultimate Box set, I would recommend simply buying the Blu-ray versions of Toy Story 3 for now and wait for the 3D version and perhaps then, Disney will come to its senses and release all three films in an all-inclusive “Toy Box” with EVERYTHING. (We can only hope.)

Since this review is more specifically about this “set,” I have given more weight to it than the actual movies themselves.

“Do yourself a favor & pick up a 10-disc replacement DVD case” 2010-11-07
By W. Tom (San Francisco, California United States)
Yep, the foam packaging is lazy and leaves much to be desired, and the greatest animated film trilogy ever deserves much better treatment than this. However, the pricing on the 10-disc set is unbeatable, and there seems to be two ways of solving the packaging “issue.” The easy choice is to buy the three films separately in the combo packs, which currently run about ten dollars more than this “complete” set, yet lack the digital copies on the first two films, but have correctly sized cases. The other, slightly more complicated choice for the video purist is to simply buy a 10-disc replacement DVD case (they do in fact exist in this configuration, and there is at least one online site that will sell just one case) or any combination of the single/dual/multiple replacement DVD/blu-ray cases for the 10 discs. Removing the foam and inner cardboard liner frees up space for the replacement case/s in the toy box, as well as for the earlier DVD versions of TS and TS2. These films are worth the extra effort, and deserve a place in every animation buff’s library (minus the non-recyclable foam, of course.) ;D

“Regret” 2010-11-07
By J. Gothard (Los Angeles, CA)
The packaging is awful. I truly regret having purchased this item. It’s worth the extra money to buy each movie separately.

“Packaging is a disgrace to the Toy Story Trilogy” 2010-11-06
By BigRufio (Binghamton, NY)
I don’t typically write reviews, unless I am either overly thrilled with the purchase, or greatly disappointed. Unfortunately, this case is the latter.

The packaging is an absolute injustice for a trilogy of this caliber. Given the quality of all three movies and their popularity, I expected the royal treatment with this box set. What we get instead is cheap black foam that I can already see is leaving a fine residue on the discs as I remove/insert the discs. It is difficult to find the disc that you want to see, since the discs are packaged close together in line — In order to find a particular disc, you need to remove several until you find the one you want. Also, there is no way to take the discs out or reinsert them without feeling like you will eventually damage them.

My recommendation — spend the extra $10 and buy the movies individually. I wish I had.

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