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Halloween, Buy the Cheapest Blu-Ray movie here.

October 31, 2010

Halloween [Blu-ray]


Halloween [Blu-ray]

Product By Anchor Bay Entertainment
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Product Description

Michael Myers escapes from the mental institution and returns to the house where he murdered his sister. essential video

Halloween is as pure and undiluted as its title. In the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois, a teenage baby sitter tries to survive a Halloween night of relentless terror, during which a knife-wielding maniac goes after the town’s hormonally charged youths. Director John Carpenter takes this simple situation and orchestrates a superbly mounted symphony of horrors. It’s a movie much scarier for its dark spaces and ominous camera movements than for its explicit bloodletting (which is actually minimal). Composed by Carpenter himself, the movie’s freaky music sets the tone; and his script (cowritten with Debra Hill) is laced with references to other horror pictures, especially Psycho. The baby sitter is played by Jamie Lee Curtis, the real-life daughter of Psycho victim Janet Leigh; and the obsessed policeman played by Donald Pleasence is named Sam Loomis, after John Gavin’s character in Psycho. In the end, though, Halloween stands on its own as an uncannily frightening experience–it’s one of those movies that had audiences literally jumping out of their seats and shouting at the screen. (“No! Don’t drop that knife!”) Produced on a low budget, the picture turned a monster profit, and spawned many sequels, none of which approached the 1978 original. Curtis returned for two more installments: 1981’s dismal Halloween II, which picked up the story the day after the unfortunate events, and 1998’s occasionally gripping Halloween H20, which proved the former baby sitter was still haunted after 20 years. –Robert Horton

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Customer Reviews

“Boring But Cheap” 2010-10-29
By S. Thompson (USA)
When I was In My teens when this movie came out of course I did Not have any money back then and still don’t but I remember the commercials for this movie they would say stuff like, You will be sleeping with the lights on & stuff like that but this movie Is Not scary, all It Is some mentally Ill Dude running around stabbing teenagers, It would take less than pepper spray and that Dude would run out the door and He was Nothing like a real bogeyman that stays under the bed and waits until Your asleep with Your arm off of the bed then drags You under the bed Into another dimension or In a cave In the middle of the Woods and there was No body part laying around or anything. If they want to make some movie about some psychos make a movie about these politicians In Oklahoma that made It where You must get fingerprinted to get a drivers license, Its kinda like taking the mark of the beast and their motto Is, driving Is Not a right Its a privilege! I bought this movie on VHS Instead of Bluray and Everyone knows Analog Sounds better than digital and the Music Is the best thing about this movie.

“disappointed” 2010-10-29
By momma84
was very excited to find this on here my hubby is a huge horror fan but was disappointed when we recieved it because the description of the item was not clear on which movies you would recieve with this box set, we expected to have 1-5 and got 1 4 5 and 3 other dvd’s which are basically another copy of the first but on bluray, 25 years of horror and a narrative version of the first movie, would recommend a better description of this product so people know what they are paying for since it does cost 50 dollars and in these time money is tight

“Best horror film of all time.” 2010-10-26
By margaret
i can’t believe this low budget horror film turned in to the best horror movie of all time, the first time i watched this movie i was sweating in my bed when i was sleeping. to me what makes this the greatest horror film of all time is the fact it looks like the most real life movie i ever saw in my life no special effect. that is why to me this is the scariest movie ever made because it looks so real like you are in the film as well.

“Weak and Bland” 2010-10-24
By The Movie Guy
This isn’t the first time I have seen Halloween, but I figured I would check out the Blu Ray, since I haven’t seen the movie in atleast 10 years. Upon watching, after the initial kill, of his sister, Michael Myers waits about 30 to 40 minutes in the movie before he kills anyone else. It is pretty much just him watching through windows, popping out behind bushes, etc.

The movie lacks the gore that other films in that same time error had. Movies such as Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre trump this ten times over. The kill scenes were VERY VERY VERY weak. The Special FX are horrible, and please don’t jump on my case and say, it was a late 70’s movie. They could have done much better! Compare the death scenes in this movie to other death scenes, from movies in the late 70’s and early 80’s and you will see that this movie lacks!

The movie is considered a classic by most, but to me…It’s a pile of crap. If you disagree, then i’ll be getting rid of my copy here on amazon.

“A MUST SEE DVD!!” 2010-10-19
By black rock
When i saw this movie on television, i was wondering why wasn’t this on dvd to begin with because there were parts from the original that were missing, and this dvd clearly shows the important parts that were missing from the original dvd such as Dr. Lomis warning the other doctors that Micheal is dangerous, that to me is the most important part of the dvd and such others. I am glad i brought this dvd because when i found out that this was out, i was searching for a long time including going from store to store and had no choice but to buy it online. I highly recommend people who are fans of this movie to buy the dvd because if you watch this version, it makes more sense than the original dvd

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