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Avatar (3D Version) [Blu-ray]

October 27, 2010

Avatar (3D Version) [Blu-ray]

Avatar (3D Version) [Blu-ray]

Product By 20th Century Fox
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Technical Details

Avatar 3D in Blu-Ray format.

Product Description

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Customer Reviews

“Avatar (Original Theatrical Edition)” 2010-10-27

By Claudia R. Johnson (Cottage Grove, MN)

One of the most exciting movies I’ve seen in a long time! I’m so glad to have it as part of my DVD collection.

“For all the senses” 2010-10-26

By Brian Donahoo (Austin TX)

This is one of the most visually stunning movies that was made for Blue-Ray. The sound and the imagery are intense from the first few moments of the story. The story is that for the ages. At a time when man is looking at his affects on the environment, this movie takes an outside in look. The war in the movie can easily be a war within oneself. How much is too much? Where is the connecting point? I enjoyed watching the warrior connect to his inner self for the first time. He went through a true transformation. Great movie, great visuals, great sound, great story…

“Great movie/Disappointing DVD” 2010-10-25

By Nancy J. Consumer

I purchased this DVD because I really liked the movie. However, beyond simply liking the movie, I usually buy a DVD for what we don’t see in the movie, such as the making of the movie, star and director commentary, deleted scenes etc. This DVD came with no extra features, and this was very disappointing to me. I’m guessing that the DVD will be re-released soon as a special edition and it will contain all of the features I thought I was getting this time around.

“Much to my SURPRISE I loved it!” 2010-10-25

By kindred spirit (God’s Country)

I rented this from Netflix and watched it just to see what all the hype was about. I never expected to love it. It is sci-fi and enchanted-romance all in one. I loved the special effects and the looks of love that went between the Avatar the “the People” The tree of life on the HDTV big screen is so enchanting and beautiful with all the little pure souls floating around it.

So I came to Amazon and got my own copy. The first reviewer is correct there are no special effects how we did it clips or trailers, bloopers on this DVD. I didn’t care as it was the movie I wanted. Many times I never look at those things anyway.

Even if you are not into this type of movie I think this has something for everyone. Romance, Fantasy, War, Fast Action, Special effects.

I now use the saying “I see you” more often. 🙂

“Just as good as the movie version” 2010-10-24

By maniac

If you saw the 3D version, this DVD doesn’t fail.

Same story, just as touching, just no 3D



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